Monday, 22. September 2003

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a phobia about buttons. The sort you wear on your clothing. I used to keep it secret because, frankly, I was embarrassed about it. After all, I’m a big tuff bloke. But now the truth can be told.

Apparently it’s called koumpounophobia and I am amazed at the number of people who share it. I used to believe I was the only one, and that it was caused by something I don’t remember, but which my parents told me about. When I was very little I choked on a button and was dangled upside down in order for it to be ejected. This, I thought, was the start. But button-related traumas can’t have happened to the entire army of us zip and velcro-wearing co-sufferers, so I’m at a loss.

Press-studs, poppers (no, not the drug kind) zips and so on are fine. Also, the metal stud above the zip on jeans is OK. Not, though, the smaller metal studs which make up a button fly. Ugh.

My phobia isn’t extreme, and in the past I’ve been forced to wear proper shirts and stuff for weddings, but I’ve always been on edge, even though I will do it. But knowing there was a button against my skin would drive me insane. And buttons on duvets. That, I’m afraid, is the devil’s work.

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kestophobia. are you afraid of inhaling near a button for fear of breathing in the button, cos that is just lunacy,
i know a way to cure your fear.
take a giant boulder or rock, the choice is yours, and smash it against your head repeatedly until you lose all conciousness, then you will be cured and your phobia of buttons will have transfered to a phobia of boulders.

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This is a serious subject and of course we have an idiot trying to make imself funny by insulting people. Great job. Stop acting like a five year old. Some of us actually do have feelings and some of us actually do fear this.

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I have the same button phobia

I am 15 years old and have the same button phobia as you have mentioned. For as long as i can remember i have hated wearing clothes with buttons on, although i have had to due to my school uniform. The sight of them makes my skin crawl, the sound of them bashing against surfaces makes me panic and when i see people fiddling or even chewing them i want to be sick. I also have no problem with the metal studs on jeans but other buttons i have had a problem with for years.
For a long time i thought i was just crazy or something happened to me when i was young that i can't remember, but it hasn't and to finally hear it is an actual phobia is a huge releif. I was so pleased i was driven to write this, so congrats on a great sight and thanks for the info on koumpounophobia!
Jo Thompson :)

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buttons-even typing the word disgusts me

I hate them and like alot of others, they just gross me out and I have a hard time looking at people who are wearing them.

I don't think they will hurt me, but they do make me sick. And cardigans are the absolute worst.

I also prefer square shaped objects in general to round ones.

I am disturbed by pearls as well.

Where does this irrationality come from? I can handle metal ones on jeans to a certain extent, but ohhh the others...

(I also have the same phobic feelings to a lesser extent to the color yellow.-the pale pastels are the worst)

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not phobia, just disgust

I too hate buttons. I'm not afraid of them, but they disgust me. I've just searched the internet and found that there are lots of people with the same problem, so I feel sort of relieved. I get the idea that there are more men with button phobia than women. Being a woman myself, I fortunately don't have to wear shirts with buttons in order to dress businesslike.

The pearl thing I also can relate to. They are in a way disturbing to me, although I can't exactly put my finger on what is so disturbing about them. With buttons what disturbs me is the holes, the material (especially plastic), a rim around the edge.

I'm so glad I'm not alone with this aberration!

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SEVERE hatred and disgust towards buttons!

I always thought I was simply crazy (and unique about it) as always feeling severe disgust and shivering at the sight of button clothed people.

My mom told me when she was about 70 years old that she too has always had the same problem, so I guess it is in the genes somehow. It took long enough for me to find out this is a more common thing that I used to believe.

My mom said that the best diet would be having a jar full of buttons on the dining table. What else could be said? Buttons are simply offending and disgusting.

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My Button Trauma

I remember it as clear as day. There she was walking over to me to play ludo with none other than the dreaded cardigan. This was no ordinary cardigan! This cardigan had 6 big, fat, thready buttons with cigarette smiles all sniggering at me. This happened quite alot and each time I felt threatened by such strange buttons. I was freaked out as a child by my grans cardi and quite frankly, I still am today. I can't touch buttons- the worst ones are the forgotten or lost ones lying on the ground! What can I do?? I don't want to live in fear of buttons forever!!!

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Im trying to do some research on my friends phobia of buttons, he is disgusted by them, he thinks they are smelly, dirty, horrid things. If he is touched by one he has to wash himself till he's red. What is with this? He had it since he was a baby, but never swallowed one. I can understand fear of pretty much anything else but this it seems so irrational. And its not just a fear but a real repulshion he can be physically sick if he thinks about them too much. Any ideas why?

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My theory about my son's button phobia

I am not button phobic but my 3-year-old son is. I didn't realise what it was until he was 18 months old and could begin to express himself. My earliest memories of him are all with his head on one side, pressed against his shoulder. I now know he was covering up the three buttons on the neck of his baby-grow. I am pretty sure he has never had a trauma getting his feet or arms stuck through gaps between buttons on his clothing, so I think I can safely say that his fear is irrational. I also know that the fear described on this site is the same (in differing degrees) to his fear because of funny details like
a) covering the buttons up helps (thank heavens for ties)
b) poppers and riveted jeans buttons are OK
c) buttons with obvious threading (especially ones with a trailing thread) are the worst
d) it is difficult to approach someone wearing the wrong type of button.

I believe that common phobias such as snakes, spiders, rodents, birds are genetic. I have never been traumatised by spiders or snakes but I can't touch them, however I will happily play with a rat or pick up an injured bird. In the UK spiders and snakes are not poisonous but rats and birds are common disease carriers (sic: irrational) but my phobias could be plausible evolutionary aids.

I can only describe my son's fear of buttons as being akin to my fear of spiders. It is irrational - not learnt, but there is no way it could be an 'evolutionary aid'. It must be the transference of genetic phobia to a modern-day thing - possibly spider/button confusion. I there anyone researching this?

Kathleen Cumpsty

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Buttons disgust me

I have had a phobia of buttons for as long as I can remember. I thought that I was the only one. Everybody else had generic phobias of spiders, heights and so on, but I had this. I felt like such a freak when I had to be excused from wearing school shirts at school. There was no way that I could cope with wearing 20 of the horrible things. My mother had a job enough as it was getting me to wear a clothes item with just one of them. All of the other kids made fun of me, saying that I couldn't do them up.

Other people have asked me if I was frightened of them, but I'm not. They disgust me and make me feel dirty and unloved. Press-studs are also a problem, and toggles-although not to the extreme degree as buttons. I could not even pick a button up in my hand if somebody asked me to and as a child, I would be repulsed by the sight of other people wearing them too. I would go up to them and ask them why they were wearing them, as I found them disgusting.

I often dread shopping for clothes. It's so hard to find anything without buttons--especially coats. During my childhood, my mother had to cut buttons off things just so I could wear them.

Often when talking about my phobia to people, I laugh out loud. It seems ridiculous.

My husband has a phobia of balloons. and has suggested that my button phobia is closely related to circle phobias. I was amazed when he told me that some people are terrified of circles. It is inherent in all of us, and comes from the days when we were just cells, but my button phobia is not a fear, so it doesn't quite fit the box. Perhaps somebody upset me as a child and they happened to be wearing a clothing item with buttons on.

Anyhow, I am glad that I am not alone.


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Button phobia sufferers needed!

I am making a television documentary in the UK about phobia, and one of the most common ones I am coming across is button-phobia. If anyone here who suffers from this phobia would be willing to contact me at I would be extremely grateful.
If you actually live in the UK, we would also be interested in you appearing in the programme.

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Living in Fear of Buttons

I would first just like to thank you so much for finally giving a name to my strange phobia. I felt like I was the only one for so long with this nameless problem.

I absolutely hate buttons, especially the small ones of dress shirts. I can remember as a child crying because my mother had made me wear a polo shirt. People always ask me if its all buttons that I hate, and I guess it isn't. I have a pea coat and recently bought a pair of pants with buttons on the back. It was a big step for me. Also, the metal button on jeans is fine for me to touch. I however do not really like pants with more that one, two at max, metal buttons on the fly.

Once I was volunteering at a local museum and they put me on the third floor. So, when the elevator door opens, I am met with a horrible surprise. It was wall to wall buttons. I had been put on the floor that housed the Waterbury Button Museum. It was awful. I think if I had to touch the walls I would have been sick, or at least had to clean that dirty feeling they give me off for hours.

Anyways, I am just so happy to find that there are others like me out there. Thanks!!

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fear of buttons

I just had to join and say what a relief I am not alone in this! Your posting was really funny, but only because I could relate. I have always gagged at the site of buttons. I could handle then when they were covered by ties or other things, but even one peaking out makes me a little nausea. It is only the little clear ones or the little white ones, especially if they have strings. I ahve not idea why I have this. I have no other "odd" phobias or big issues. It is just my phobia. Once I got a present that was a "country style" type of knick knack, and it was covered with cute buttons. I dry heaved when I opened the present but I felt so bad because most people thought it was cute. My brother and sister used to chase me around with buttons on their shirts because they thought it was funny, but I really panicked! Once my boyfriend tried to give me his shirt when I was getting a sunburn, and I had to say I couldn't wear it. I felt like I was crazy, but I literally couldn't put it on any more than I could eat spiders, or other things you see on Fear Factor. I wish I knew where it came from.

Anyway, just a relief to find out there are other people with this same odd phobia. ;)

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daughters fear of buttons

Both me and my daughter have this phobia hers is worse than mine she cannot wear or be near anyone wearing buttons she as just got a job and as to wear a blouse I don't know what to do in the past I have removed them from polo shirts but can't remove them from a blouse.

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Real concern over button phobic son

Can't believe what I am reading. It seems such an illogical and irrational fear but the stories here all seem so similar to mine.

My son is nearly 5 and has had a phobia with buttons for as long as I can remember. The reason it has suddenly become a major cause for concern is that he started full time school yesterday and all the kids are wearing polo shirts! In nursery he would choose his playmate according to their outfit but now I think he feels isolated and I am afraid that he will alienate his friends who will of course not understand why he "can't" play with them anymore.

He exhibits genuine distress when confronted by a person wearing buttons, it is worse when it is someone he is close to. If my Dad, who he adores, walks in the room wearing a shirt he recoils away and is almost frantic until he takes off his shirt. He will check out what people are wearing as they approach him and tell me if he has spotted a button on them.

On his first day at school he trotted up all happy and confident but by the time he saw what everyone was wearing he was in my arms almost in tears. I guess I hoped that being confronted by them daily might desensitize him but one man I spoke to said "if you had a fear of spiders and everyone in class was holding a spider do you think the fear would pass?" Well I guess that puts it in real perspective.

I don't know what to do next, we have just lived with this, we are all just aware of his fear and don't wear buttons, but I can't ask everyone at school to comply! I am worried that this will affect his socialisation skills and a previously happy time at school. It's early days but he has seemed genuinely disturbed by his friends new uniform. I have thought about seeing a child psychologist but hate the thought of him being labelled. I am at a loss what to do next.

As to where it started he once told my mum that a man had told him that buttons bite you. But if I try to discuss this he denies ever saying it! As I say he was around 2 when I first remember him saying he would not wear buttons and the fear has grown from there. He also will wear jeans, zips, poppers at a push. One other thing is that I once cut the buttons from a top I had bought but the sight of the button hole was enough for him to refuse to touch it!

Psychoanalysis anyone???!!! My email addy is Any sugestions appreciated.

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I hate buttons to the extreme!! (FEAR...)
I can feel this type of disgust since I was 4years old...
I can't touch buttons, don't wanna look at them at all,
can't wear any clothes with buttons,
can't hug anyone who is wearing clothes with buttons,
even thinking of it makes me sick and feel like vomit!!
School life was like hell because I must wear a uniform....
I have too much bad feeling inside and they are too hard
to express!! Only those people with button phobia will
understand!! Is there a cure ?! I've been suffering T-T
I really don't wanna have anything to do with buttons!!!!!!!

Anyone with button phobia feel free to e-mail me.
I would like to have friends with the same phobia....

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Button Phobia

My son has got a phobia about buttons, he is only 6 and I was hoping he would grow out of it, but if anything it is getting worse. Is there any way I can help him without making things worse? He has hated buttons since he learned to talk!

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Hi guys, i have always been disgusted by buttons but i was embarrassed to tell about it because, i thought, people would think i am an idiot. I am not actually "scared" of buttons per se but they just make me nauseaous and when i see someone chewing on a button i feel like puking! Although now i am working on myself, but on condition that i don't see a free button or don't hear the sound of a button touching wood, floor or plastic surfaces. PS: I am not revolted by metal buttons like those on jeans:)
But is being disgusted by buttons also called koumpounophobia? or just being scared of buttons??

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Button Phobia

I don't buy clothes with buttons. I have a suit for my son's wedding and keep it in a bag so I can't see the buttons. I hate loose ones and little ones with 4 holes particularly. I am 60 and have had this fear all my life and have only just found out I am not alone. Phew!

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Button Phobia too

Hi, I have the same question for helping my 3-year-old son. Does anyone know how to "cure" him? This phobia seems to be a legacy from my father. Too bad he didn't pass on some money instead!

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The meaning of the word "Koumpunophobia"

"Koumpouno" (button) is of Latin origin and "Phobia" (fear/terror) is of course of Greek origin.

Those who have "Koumpounophobia" are not at all fearing buttons, but are instead very disgusted of buttons in clothing, to the very point in which it is revolting enough to make one vomit. Just had to tell this in case someone did not know.

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The reason of the disgust.

For all of you worried parents who are perplexed by the mysterious "fear of buttons" your kids might have. It is NOT a "condition" that should be forcibly cured.

It never happened over one night. There were no "childhood trauma". It is something we were born with, and most of all, please do not try to cure us from it. Maybe we do not want to be "cured". Buttons are totally disgusting for life, and that is it.

So please let us find our own ways to go around your world filled with those damn buttons. We will do it. Just do not cram it into our faces.

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it can get better for some...

Hello.. I also feel disgusted buy buttons. Especially those on polo shirts and I agree with so much that people have said. I remember being disgusted with the buttons on my first school shirt aged 4 and begging my mum not to make me wear it. I claimed I was sick every week so I didn't have to wear the polo shirt at PE. Those horrible cold hard gross little buttons touching my chin or near my skin! Gross gross gross!

Anyway... my parents either didn't realise or just ignored it and I think that was the right thing for me. Now although buttons still make me cringe a bit, I can tollerate my boyfriend wearing polo shirts regularly and I dont mind his work shirts at all as I got ieef to wearing compulsory shirts at school. I would still NEVER wear a polo shirt but that doesn't really matter.

I don't think it needs to spoil people's lives. Try and just let kids get over it in their own way maybe? I don't have kids though so easier said than done I guess!

Anyway good to hear other stories, made me laugh and also ive text my parents to see if they've ever had the same fear but kept it a secret!! :-)

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I am afraid of buttons because the movie Caroline scared me.
Buttons on dolls are an awfully scarry combination. Im so glad
you guys share the same fear as i do please tell me how to get over it though. So am i insane or not for being scared?

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mlp and buttons

Buttons are my worst nightmare... tellme if this story is good.

Princess luna meets raven from teen titans... they fall in love or
Become best friends.... weird but possible.

But seriosly i hate buttons more than any thing.

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I can't even say the word

I'm a 17 year old girl and I have had a phobia of them (I can't even write the word) all my life. My mum has told me that before I could even talk I would not let her put clothes on me that had them on it and I would cry until she took it off. I don't know what's caused it, I haven't had a traumatic experience or anything like that, I guess I was just born with it. I can't stand the sight of them, I can't even hear or read the word without feeling dirty. I don't own any clothing with them on it, except for my school uniform which makes me feel discusting when I have to wear it everyday. Seeing people wear them or play with them or say the word makes my skin crawl, yuck. The only thing I don't mind is the metal stud on the top of jeans, like you said. I seriously thought I was the only one because I don't know how someone could be so scared of something so little but I'm glad I'm not the only one! It's even been getting worse lately because some people at school know of my phobia and just torment me by saying the word and playing with them and chewing on them and I actually nearly cry. If they ever put one on me I'd lose it.
But yeah haha thought I'd share that! Glad I'm not the only one out there!

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Severe suffering

I'm 23 and I can't even remember how long has it been since this fear started. I've just found out that this phobia actually exists and that I'm not the only one who suffers. It's not just I don't wear any clothes with that, don't want to look, avoid to be near or have any kind of contact... I hate even to think about. I actually can't say, write, type or even hear someone say that word. It causes me extreme anxiety, suffer and pain. I feel severely harmed when someone mention that word in any kind of situation. I couldn't agree more with @teuvo in the aspect of finding the cure. If we're fine, it's fine! Me personally don't wanna be cured under any circumstances. My friends and family would like me to get over it in a way to make my life easier, but it's something that I so don't want. It is especially a struggle when I want to hug someone or someone wants to hug me and they're not aware of my problem. It's even more hard when I have to avoid contact with my closest ones... I can't hug them or sit right next to them if they wear such clothes. There are tough situations but anyway this is how I live and that's the way it is. My closest people understand that and I'm extremely thankful. It is so nice to be accepted with that issue 'cause I know how this phobia could be strange to any person. Anyway, right now I'm so glad knowing that I'm not the only one and knowing that I'm not alone. That really gives a relief and a comfort. I would be happy to know that my experience gives a support to anyone who read it and I'd be more than happy to have friends who have this kind of problem, so feel free to contact me at , you're more than welcome! <3

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I cannot believe how many people share this button "heebie jeebies"! My husband and cousin constantly tease me about it. (I should've never told either of them! grr) Anyway, it's comforting to know that I'm not alone with this! Maybe it's because we're all on to something that others are just to oblivious to

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OMG buttons are dirty disgusting

Thank god that i am not the only one who is disgusted by these nasty little things.i am purely disgusted by buttons but i am not afraid of them like i am afraid of moths(i have mottephobia).I cant stand even the sight of buttons.if there is one on the floor and i have seen it my whole day is spoiled.i remember how as a school girl i hated wearing those uniforms.i cannot eat food if there is a button within view.i always choose tshirts with round neck(those which have no buttons) for my dad and elder brother and i feel sick if i see them wearing shirts with buttons.OMG these are the worst, nastiest thing in the world.

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I am not alone, amazed to know

I have been having same problem since childhood. Hoping someday it will get cured by itself. But so far I see no relief.

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Button phobia.

I had two duvets with buttons on. I cut them off, wearing gloves and have sewn some tape to tie up. My brother has the same phobia and so does my son. I hate them used for decorations everywhere! UGH!

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It's interesting to see that there are so many people with the same phobia I have. As others have pointed out, it is not that we are afraid of buttons, actually they disgust us.

I can tolerate them to some extent, but not on my clothing. If I see a person wearing them I feel nausea and cannot help looking at them over and over again, as if they were life-threatening. When it comes to my garments, I love velcro and zippers and I don't have any problem with the ones on jeans, as long as there is only 1.

I can't imagine myself wearing a polo shirt, I hate them and obviously it's somewhat difficult to go shopping for clothes because most people deal with them naturally, so I have felt discriminated haha.

As for the origin of my phobia, I have no idea. I guess it has to do with the fact that my mother kept a little wooden box containing buttons and I hated that if they fell on the floor, I had to put them back into the box.Also, I had to undo them on my uncle's shirts when I did the laundry, which I loathed. Nowadays, if I come across a botton on the floor I have to use a tissue to pick them up or I just kick them away so as no to see them.

In primary school I wore my uniform reluctantly but in secondary school I stood my ground and refused to wear it, I'd go for the PE uniform instead. It became a trend and we weren't told off.

I hate formal clothes because of the buttons, so that's why I'm always in jeans and T-shirts but I guess this will not last forever, especially when I have to work :( .

Thank you for reading me, it's great to know that I'm not the only one disgusted by buttons. I'm looking forward to reading more of your anecdotes, they are engrossing.

Sorry If I made any grammar mistake, English is my second language. I hope I made myself understood.

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I have a disliking of them, not so much a fear. It was worse when I was younger, I can stand them now but still hate them. I have images of them with dirt on them and it really makes my skin crawl. The worst for me are:
Ones on polo shirts
Smaller ones, the smaller the worse
Clear, translucent or white ones
When they're loose, just on their own like on the floor or on a counter euuurrrghhh
On unclean clothes
On bed sheets
Ones shaped like hearts/flowers etc
Large ones with a thick rim, seen on trench coats
Unnecessary ones, like when there's a shirt with two of them where there only needs to be one
Ones on cuffs of shirts
Even just small, round things like caps on screws in flat-pack furniture
Anyway, just thought I'd share, glad I'm not alone. I'm really interested in it too, let me know if you come across any origins of where Koumpounophobia comes from:

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So I'm not alone?

My god, I'm so happy and relieved to find out that there are also others like me who get disgusted by buttons. You're all like brothers to me.
Well, about my fear, um, I'm having it since a long time. I'm not sure what caused it and exaclty when did it happen, but my disgust for buttons was initially exclusive to those nasty T-shirt/Polo Shirt ones. Overtime, my phobia had already started extending itself to all plastic buttons, especially those perl-like ones. And recently, even a few small screws.
Idk how did I get it, or wil I ever get rid of it, but it's really getting extreme to the point that I can't look at buttons or dare to sniff the air around them. And once I accidentally touch them, I dare not touch my food after that. Neither do I recieve food from someone wearing shirts, etc. Do you guys feel/do the same?

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I remember the exact moment when my fear of buttons started. The year was 1995, I had just started primary school and the wind was blowing, casting an unnerving tree shadow on the window.

My Mother watched a British soap opera called Coronation Street. It was incredibly tedious but I didn't have a TV in my room then.

One of the female characters was behaving in a lewd, vulgar fashion having drunk too much. She was throwing herself at one of the male characters in the most unflattering, uncouth ways I had seen. Her BUTTONED top was flapping about, exposing precarious amounts of flesh for a 19:30 airtime.

After that traumatic scene, I noticed buttons at a heightened level. I found it hard to look at my parents when they wore buttons, I looked away from the TV when buttoned people were on and I certainly could not eat when confronted with buttons.

I have refused to wear buttoned shirts since then. I somehow managed to slip under the radar at both Primary and Secondary schools, just wearing a school-issued jumper with a regular, buttonless T-shirt underneath. I do recall a couple of encounters with teachers regarding my refusal to wear polo-shirts. I never admitted this fear to anybody so I just agreed that I would wear one, but never did. (To this day only my partner is aware of my phobia).

The only exception was the PE polo shirt. My fear of buttons was lessened by the desire to participate in sports.

I am 25 now and by no means free of this phobia. I can tolerate looking at people with buttons now, including my partner, however I do not personally own any clothes with buttons, nor do I intend to.

Like most other people, I am fine with the buttons on jeans. The worst ones are superfluous buttons on clothing which serve no purpose, other than to decorate.

I do realise this is a completely irrational fear however I have yet to find it interfering with my life. I even manage to handle my partner's buttoned clothing when washing clothes but a thorough washing of the hands is essential.

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I too hate buttons and so does my great-nephew.

I never wear them. I never realized this was semi-common until my sister looked it up. I especially hate when people wear button down shirts with a few on the bottom open. I also dislike cardigans worn with only top button closed.
When I was around 7 I had trouble buttoning the side of a skirt and it hurt a little. I told my Mom a button bit me, but I'm certain I didn't like them before that.
I also don't like the fact that they have holes and thread goes thru. If I ever had to touch one it can only be from the side and not to touch the middle.

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I have had a disgusted feeling about buttons for as long as I can remember.I feel difficulty breathing in button's presence,and can't even eat. I frequently run to the sink and spit so much that my saliva dries out and cannot eat anything when I see a button. I used to throw any left out buttons in my vision or tell my mum to take that out of my sight. She never understood why I was like that.Now more people know but they tease me about this. I hope they don't take advantage. If people don't want me to eat, all they have to do is show me a button,and harm's done. I have never worn shirts in my life except my school uniform. But the buttons in the shirts and suits do not bother me as long as they are properly sewn and tied in the clothes. What bother me a lot lot lot are the ones left out accidently, or if there is a mismatch of the colour of buttons and threads or if an odd white button is sewn in a black shirts with all other black buttons on it. That is so gross. eww..However, it is not genetical in my case as my family has no problem with it. Last year I nearly puked when I saw my sister chewing a button, urrghh..I hate the holes and the plastic, even if it's metal,but not the ones on jeans. I meant even the metallic ones with holes. Yes, it feels really weird to hear that those tiny little cute(for some people) harmless buttons digust me. So what? It is funny to know for a lot of people. But it's something that I have lived with all my life and i hate them means I hate them.But phobias,here in our country(and surroundings..i.e.people) is taken as a madness or irrationality or just as a lie and people with such phobias are told to(ordered to be precise) simply give up the notion.As if people with phobia can't live properly. I'm 20 years old now and eat well,study well and may also live well. I am as normal as any other human being save for my phobia(But I like to call it,"disgust"as i'm not particularly afraid, buttons are just so gross for me.).I am good as long as disgusting buttons don't come my way. So,having known my disgust and the fact that a lot of people have such a condition,simple understanding or the act of respecting would be a liberty. Is that too much to ask for ? Remember poop disgusts you too.

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I have this problem with them.

I have had a problem since I was 2 ish. My parents put me in a dress with them on and I hid, screamed and tried to rip it off. I went through Primary refusing to wear them at all costs. In secondary I wouldn't wear polos in p.e . My duvet end with the buttons had to be away from me and my legs tucked up under my chin, to stay away. I can't bare to look at clothes with them on, it makes me feel quite sick :(

Obviously as I am older now and have had to wear them for school over the years, I have tolerated them. However I am relieved to find I'm not a "freak" or "weirdo" as people have named me in the past. It's awkward I hate the sound of them dropping on a surface, I panic. Or when I see people wearing them I feel uncomfortable and am disgusted by the texture of them. I don't like pearls either. Saying and typing the word is just as difficult.

I have received much bullying for having this phobia, as people around found out. Sorry for ranting but it's nice to know that I'm not alone. It gives me hope.

The frustrating thing is, my family teases me and so does practically everyone else- it hurts and frustrates me deeply. Why can't people accept it, and then be human. Not throwing them at me, and making me feel so stupid, pathetic and isolated. Silly humans.

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I have this problem with
them. I have had a problem since I was 2...
by Maria Rebekah11 (4/8/16 9:41 PM)
I am not alone, amazed
to know I have been having same problem since childhood....
by S K Jain (3/26/16 7:49 AM)
by Presha Karki (11/4/15 9:47 AM)
I too hate buttons and
so does my great-nephew. I never wear them. I never...
by Reschk (10/5/15 2:36 AM)
Irrational I remember the exact
moment when my fear of buttons started. The year was...
by Sam R (8/29/15 10:45 PM)
So I'm not alone? My
god, I'm so happy and relieved to find out that...
by Mohammed Zaid (7/28/15 2:40 PM)
Wow This is a serious
subject and of course we have an idiot trying to...
by Renee Rose York (6/22/15 4:22 PM)
"Koumpounophobia" I have a disliking
of them, not so much a fear. It was worse...
by Rachel Jenkins (3/10/15 1:36 AM)
Koumpounophobia It's interesting to
see that there are so many people with the same phobia...
by Comtesse d'Artagnan (11/14/14 4:33 PM)
Button phobia. I had two
duvets with buttons on. I cut them off, wearing gloves...
by Vivien Cruickshank (10/21/14 9:38 AM)
OMG buttons are dirty disgusting
Thank god that i am not the only one who...
by Bishnupriya Das (5/26/14 10:22 AM)
ME TOO! I cannot believe
how many people share this button "heebie jeebies"! My husband...
by stacey7276 (3/26/14 6:06 PM)
Severe suffering I'm 23 and
I can't even remember how long has it been since...
by catherine90 (1/8/14 5:09 AM)
I can't even say the
word I'm a 17 year old girl and I have...
by taylorbowen (10/31/13 5:40 AM)
mlp and buttons Buttons are
my worst nightmare... tellme if this story is good. Princess...
by Nightmaremoon44 (9/11/13 11:48 PM)
Buttonophobia I am afraid of
buttons because the movie Caroline scared me. Buttons on dolls...
by Nightmaremoon44 (9/11/13 11:30 PM)
it can get better for
some... Hello.. I also feel disgusted buy buttons. Especially those...
by kerryBbb (6/20/13 9:51 AM)
daughters fear of buttons Both
me and my daughter have this phobia hers is worse...
by chrisy (2/7/13 1:22 PM)
The reason of the disgust.
For all of you worried parents who are perplexed by...
by teuvo (9/23/12 1:58 AM)
The meaning of the word
"Koumpunophobia" "Koumpouno" (button) is of Latin origin and "Phobia" (fear/terror)...
by teuvo (9/23/12 12:58 AM)
SEVERE hatred and disgust towards
buttons! I always thought I was simply crazy (and unique...
by teuvo (9/23/12 12:49 AM)
Button Phobia too Hi, I
have the same question for helping my 3-year-old son. Does...
by mbayarri (9/14/12 3:57 PM)
Button Phobia I don't buy
clothes with buttons. I have a suit for my son's...
by Purplemarxist (10/23/11 12:54 PM)
i have always been disgusted by buttons but i was...
by SFR (4/30/11 9:55 AM)
can anyone - respond to this story of the exploding...
by shirleyw (1/8/08 6:10 PM)

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